eloise tisarôm


French, living in Hong-Kong for 16 years, I have always dreamed one day of creating a brand assembling these two countries. I discovered herbal tea at a very young age when my grand mother Nicole would make me homemade tisane with fresh mint and linden from the garden. I adored these large mugs full of delicious flavors and scent. Then I started to drink herbal tea a lot during university when I couldn’t take anymore coffee but still needed a hot drink.

I discovered more and more the different plants and even studied some books to understand which one to choose according to my needs. However I was never convinced by the plants quality that are often chopped and have an unknown origin. Moreover the image of herbal tea often tends to be old-fashioned and offers ordinary flavors.  I therefore wished to create an original collection of herbal tea that would become a daily healthy drink, meeting the different needs of our busy city life.


Being a pharmacist in France for 30 years, Corinne is passionate about plants and their benefits. Her studies and knowledge in botany helped Tisarôm not only to develop modern and enjoyable flavors but also beneficial for your body. Corinne’s goal was to create tasteful recipes while finding a balance in the plants properties.


nathalie tisarôm


Nathalie found her true passion six years ago and stopped her previous work to study the plants and how to grow them. She now owns a beautiful land in the heart of Luberon, South of France, to cultivate aromatic and medicinal plants. Nathalie brings to Tisarôm her modern and visionary thinking. She loves playing with the flavors, colors and properties of her plants. Tisarôm takes its roots in her garden, bringing you directly a taste of Provence to your cup.